Our beginnings

Our club is the longest running martial arts club in the town of Bridgewater, having been
established in February of 1989.

We have been located in many places over the years , including a building that was run
through by an oil truck. (see picture below)

We are currently located at 416 King Street Suite D - The YMCA Youth Center.

Since 1989 we have trained a dozen black belts , 3 of whom currently hold 3rd Dans , 15
National Medalists (including two time colored belt Gold Medal Winner Cody Lowe , 2007
Gold medalist Bailey Tripp ,and 2010 Gold Medalists Ramires and Prisca Dudli) , several
regional champions , countless local medalists , and thousands of practitioners
interested in the benefits of Tae Kwon Do.

The club is currently home to about 60 registered students.
Mr. BJ Hall 3rd Dan , at our
past locations
Our 3rd (and 5th) club location closes.
We are proud to say that all of our Black Belts
are World Tae Kwon Do Federation Certified

If you have been left off this list , please contact us.
Master Vincent Wight 5th Dan WTF # 05058111
Mr. Mike Dorey , 3rd Dan WTF # 05069054
Ms. LuLu Hall 3rd Dan WTF # 09054289
Mr. BJ Hall 3rd Dan WTF # 09054288
Mr. Cody Lowe , 2nd Poom  WTF # 09115706
Mr. Brandon Read , 1st Dan WTF # 05105125
Mr. Jason Aulenback , 1st Dan WTF # 05117462
Mr. Mike Kendall , 1st Dan
Ms. Crystal Stewart , 1st Dan
Ms. Katie Ziemer , 1st Dan
Ms. Lori Hatt , 1st  Poom WTF # 09026533
Mr. Kyle Wyman , 1st Poom WTF # 09045278
Mr. Benjamin Conrad , 1st Poom WTF # 09163201
Fifty-seventh General Assembly
First Session
12:00 P.M.
Hon. Ronald Russell
Mr. Donald Chard


HON. DONALD DOWNE: Mr. Speaker, I hereby give
notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the
following resolution:

Whereas the Eastern Canada Tae Kwon-Do
Championships were recently held in Moncton, New
Brunswick; and  Whereas the Bridgewater Tae Kwon-Do
Club sent a strong contingent of members; and   
Whereas Matthew Stewart finished second in forms and
in fighting, Kyle Wyman finished first in forms and in
fighting, and Bubba Wyman finished first in forms;  
Therefore be it resolved that this House congratulate
Matthew Stewart, Kyle Wyman and Bubba Wyman on
representing the Province of Nova Scotia, the
Bridgewater Tae Kwon-Do Club and themselves so well.  
Mr. Speaker, I would ask for waiver and passage without

MR. SPEAKER: There has been a request for waiver.  
Is it agreed?

It is agreed.  

Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye.

Contrary minded, Nay.

The motion is carried.  
Cody Lowe's first National win , the 2004
Junior Nationals (blue belt division) held
in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.
Medal presenter Master George Brine ,
from Moncton.
While searching yahoo!  for  
"Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do"
this is what I found !
Some Of Our Senior Black Belts
From Left : Ms. Marie Lourdes (LuLu) Hall 3rd Dan
Master Vincent Wight 4th Dan
Mr. Brian (BJ) Hall 3rd Dan
At the Michelin Social Club after an oil
truck destroyed our club on King Street.
We remained here for 4 years until we
found our current location.
Mr. Vincent Wight Instructor , with some
champions of the time.