At Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do we have a unique weekly program for yourself and your  3 to 5 year old called "Little Dragons".

While learning the very basics of Tae Kwon Do , your child will also get some very important pre-school socialization. This class is
also a stepping stone to our regular program. While the Tot's program does not have a WTF certification program , it does have it's
own ranking and certificate system that is friendly to the younger ages. Learning basic kicking , punches , blocks and discipline , the
student will graduate to our regular program in no time. Filled with games that teach basic skills , this class is perfect and fun for your
3 to 5 year old.

Parents , when you join with your child, you will also be learnin  and playing with your child,
which will help with at home practice.

Try a FREE introductory "Little Dragons" class any Sunday at 1:00 PM.
Our "Little Dragon" logo appears on
all certificates for this class.
Current pricing for this program is $35.00 per month , with a yearly insurance fee of $20.00 due at sign up ,
and then every August. With
FREE EQUIPMENT OPTIONS for new students , the cost for this program can
be as low as $21.00 per month.

Family rates available !
Tot's Program - Little Dragons
A stepping stone to our regular class for ages
3 to 5.
Colin Silver -  former Tots Program student
This program is tax deductible through the new
sports for kids tax initiative.
Our Moms (or Dads) and Tots Class
April 19 , 2009

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