At Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do we offer unparalleled WTF certified courses in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do.

With 15 National medalists having been trained right here , including 2010 Gold Medalists Prisca and
Ramires Dudli , two time colored belt Gold Medalist Cody Lowe and gold medalist Bailey Tripp , it proves that
some of the best instruction in Canada happens right here in Bridgewater.

We have had a dozen students make it to the rank of Black Belt , and  3 that have trained to the rank of
3rd degree Black Belt. Several current students are within a year of achieving the rank of Black Belt.

If you want to do Tae Kwon Do for recreation , for fitness , for competition , or even for the confidence of
knowing you can defend yourself if necessary , we have a WTF CERTIFIED CLASS for you.

With classes to suit every skill and fitness level , contact us today to be placed in a class for your
free introductory lessons.

With over 180 member nations in The World Tae Kwon Do Federation , your program at
Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do will travel with you where ever in the world you may end up.

Join today , realize your potential , and become part of the world's largest martial arts organization.

Current pricing for this program is $40.00 per month, with a yearly insurance fee of $20.00 due at sign up ,
and then every October. With
FREE EQUIPMENT OPTIONS for new students,  
the cost for this program can be as low as $25.00 per month.

This program is tax deductible through the new
sports for kids tax initiative.
From Left  : Master Vincent Wight , New first Dans
Brandon Read , Crystal Stewart , Katie Ziemer , Grand
Master Oh Jang Yoon , Master Joseph Wagner.
Circa 1996 ?
Waiting to spar