Student Rules

1. Students arriving late for class will not be permitted to participate without special instructor permission.
The Warm up is the most important part of class as it helps to prevent injury. Please don’t miss the warm up.

2. Upon entering the training floor , students will bow to instructors , and master instructors (flag wall)

3. Students will answer and address all blackbelts with due respect (Mr. Ms. Sir or Sabumnim)

4. Students who are at the school should be there to train , not to socialise. No sitting or leaning while in uniform ,
unless for stretching or asked to do so by an instructor.

5. If arriving for class while another class is in progress , students should show respect to that class and warm up
quietly. Sound carries and will cause distraction.  

6. No showing off. NO FIGHTING outside class. Tae Kwon Do is for self defence only , no picking fights. All
incidents will be dealt with on an individual basis , and abuse of skills learned will result in the offending student
being dismissed from class permanently.

7. Pay attention in class. Watching and listening to the instructor will only make learning easier.

8. Do anything you can to make this a club we all can be proud to belong to.

Parent Rules

1. Encourage your child to practice at home and show interest when they do , but do not force them.
Do not make practicing a chore.

2. No parents on training floor (unless you are a student as well or invited by instructor).Resist the urge to cross the
floor to help instructor with your child. The club has been in Bridgewater since 1989 , and the instructor knows the
limits of class sizes.

2a. Feel free to bring concerns to the attention of the instructor in an appropriate way. i.e. before or after class ,
never during class time.  

3. Help your child to understand the “No Fighting” rule. This rule does have times when it must be broken , and the  
instructor will stand by any student who feels he or she had to break it.
Help to make the student realise when these times would be.

4. Tournaments are not about winning or losing , but rather about learning and having fun , and parents should
reinforce that idea.

5. Realising that  watching class can be a social event , please try to keep noise to an acceptable level.
Extra sound causes distraction for any student.

6. If physically able , be a student as well. Remember Tae Kwon Do is not easy , but anyone can do it.